Fully customizable regulatory reporting platform.

Elite is a web-based software application which fully automates data processing workflows and offers rapid generation of multidimensional reports from diverse and heterogeneous data sources so that you gain insights into your business and comply with the latest regulations.

Annual financial statements. Periodic financial statements
Half-yearly accounting reports
Financial exposures status for banking and non-banking institutions
Own funds requirements calculations
Key financial performance indicators status
Loan loss provisioning
Profitability ratio analysis
Compliance reporting
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Generate reports

Easier than ever: load the data, launch the workflows and automatically generate your reports.

Cross-Check validations

Business formula validations are run against correlated reports and you can make adjustments from a friendly user interface.

Generate files

After the reports are adjusted and validated you may export them in the required format: Excel, XML, XBRL, TXT, CSV, etc.